Horseback Rides Near Telluride, Colorado – The horse and rider

View between the ears

Here at Jackson Outfitters near Telluride Colorado, we pride ourselves in matching the horse and rider for each trail ride. Not every horse is the right fit for every rider. Our stock is well seasoned taking riders of all levels in easy to extremely difficult terrain and keeping them safe. But horses have personalities and some just don’t click with you as well as others may.

Someone once said, the outside of a horse is good for the inside of man. Horses can sense your emotions and can reflect those right at you. Sometimes you like what you see and sometimes you don’t. Having well rounded horses who have been exposed to the world can really help to build the confidence of a novice rider, build on the horseman or woman you currently are, or even take you to the top in the world of performance. However, they sometimes need the right rider to build their confidence and trust.

Our horses are not trained in any certain discipline (reining, roping, etc…) as they typically are involved in trail rides or packing gear into the mountains. They are exposed to things that some performance horses will never see. They need to be able to keep a calm head when things get a little hairy or stressful. We build a reliable mount for you to relax and enjoy your trail ride while seeing some of the most majestic views Southwest Colorado has to offer.

A Little About Us

My husband Roy has been riding horses his entire life. I started riding about 28 yrs ago. We have had many horses over the years and last year we purchased 2 mules. They are quite different than a horse to handle, and very entertaining! Roy and I raised 2 of our 3 kids to have the same love for horses that we do. They help us when they are available and love being part of the family business.

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