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Our goal is to provide high quality, fully guided mule deer and elk hunts, with our seasoned, professional guides. We are dedicated to maintaining our high success rate, providing an enjoyable hunting experience, and continuing to offer high quality meals, lodging, and personalized attention for each of our clients.

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Jackson Outfitter’s offers Colorado Big Game Trophy Hunting with fully guided, outfitted hunts on private property leases, we carry all appropriate insurance and maintain special use BLM permits in game management units 521,52,411,53,63,34,35,70,62 and 61. Including forest permit in big game trophy unit 61.

Our Guides have extensive knowledge, with several having more than 20 years of experience hunting in these units.

2015 3rd rifle buck scored 178″

These units have large deer and elk populations that begin to move into the lower elevations for winter time grazing during the rifle seasons, providing optimal Big Game Hunting conditions.

Colorado Guided Trophy Buck Hunts

The licenses for these rifle Mule deer hunts are by draw only. There are a controlled amount of licenses put out by the Colorado DOW for each of these units.   We are very successful in harvesting trophy bucks on the public land that we are permitted for. Several of these units are managed for trophy mule deer. We also have private property leases that hold a lot of mule deer and have a very limited amount of pressure.

If you do not draw a license we may be able to put you in contact with land owners whom can sell you a voucher ( guaranteed license).These hunts are a perfect fit for hunters in a wide range of physical conditions, as we have great success in everything from glassing from vehicles and ATV’s, to spot stalking from elevated vantage points.

These seasons are in the pre-early rut and the bucks are starting to want to be with the Doe’s. Our Doe deer population gets little to no hunting pressure. This makes the bucks vulnerable during these seasons. The challenge of Big Game Hunting under these favored conditions comes from having the patience and guidance to wait and pick the mature trophy buck from the high numbers of deer seen every day!

Now offering trophy Bull elk and mule deer Buck hunts in trophy GMU 61. Including lodging, 700+ private acres, Forest permit and BLM permit in quality high game populated areas within unit 61!

Colorado Elk Hunts

2016 Black powder season bull elk

Archery, Black powder and early Rifle seasons are hunted in high elevation where the elk summer and rut. The rut is a magical time to elk hunt. Our guides will work hard to get you into the action and call elk into range for you.  The elk begin to migrate through our BLM permitted areas during the combination rifle seasons due to hunting pressure, weather, and availablility of food and water. They will winter in these lower BLM areas and the private properties below, migrating back up to higher elevations in mid-spring. The Elk hunts are usually more physically challenging due to the amount of area that they can cover easily each day. However, in these BLM areas the pressure from other hunters can be a great resource in being successful. Having the ability and confidence in your rifle to make longer range shots is also a great benefit to your success. Our guides have the skills to assist you in these Colorado Big Game Hunting situations.

These units are managed for Elk population. We have a good success rate on bulls in the 4×4 to 6×6 range, and occasionally see trophy bulls. There are list B cow licenses available in some of these units which allow you to have the opportunity to harvest both a bull and cow in the same season.

Available Hunts Information

  • Trophy Mule Deer Buck Hunts; archery, black powder, 2nd rifle,  3rd rifle, and 4th rifle.
  • Elk Hunts.
  • Combination Mule Deer/Elk Hunts are five day hunts.
  • Trophy Mule Deer Buck Hunts in GMU 61; transportation, fully guided, lodging may include canvas tents etc..
  • Trophy Bull Elk Hunts in GMU 61; archery, black powder, early rifle, 1st, 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons. Fully guided, lodging (canvas tents etc.), transportation, and meals included. These hunts are 1 on 2 fully guided hunts.
  • Lodging and Meals are provided by Black Canyon Anglers at Gunnison River Farms for an additional $140 per day per person.

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